Water Damage Restoration

water damage in house

Should you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of water damage to your carpet  such as flooding from rain, washing machine overflow, shower leak, leaking pipes etc then you need professional water damage restoration.

It is not the wet carpet that is a problem, it is the underlay and the floor beneath.

Nationwide Carpet Cleaning will assess the situation, extract water using a powerful vacuum extraction machine, lift the carpet to inspect damage, install drying equipment and leave it on premises until the area is dry. We’ll then call back to check on the drying process, relay the carpet and underlay when dry, steam clean and deoderise the carpet on completion of restoration.

Please Note: When a premises has been affected by sewerage overflow we do not attempt carpet restoration. The carpet and underlay must be removed and disposed of and the flooring treated and deoderised. Australian Standards do not allow restoration of sewerage affected carpet.

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